Everything The Kardashians Took Away From Jordyn Woods Post Scandal


Jordyn Woods life after Tristan Thompson affair.
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While the Kardashian family has no shortage of fans, there are plenty of people who aren’t fans of this famous family. For the most part, they’re cool with it unless you cross one of them. Jordyn Woods and Kylie were best friends until Jordyn cheated with Khloe Kardashian’s now ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. Things got ugly, and fast. Of course, Kim Kardashian is already throwing shade, and Jordyn has been cut of Khloe’s Good American brand. Even Kylie has slashed the price on her lip kits named after Jordyn and has reportedly evicted her out of her home. But some people believe that despite all of this, the scandal might ultimately make Jordyn more popular.

Do you think Jordyn deserves to have her career take a hit because of her actions, or do you think she’ll come out on top? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click subscribe for more from TheTalko.

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