Cak Nun dan Kiai Kanjeng---lir ilir+Sholawat Badar


Cak Nun dan Kiai Kanjeng---lir ilir+Sholawat Badar
Cipt. Kangjeng Sunan Kalijogo (Ilir-ilir) & KH. Ali Mansur Shiddiq (Sholawat Badar).
Ilir-ilir song meanings are as follows:

1. "Lir-ilir, lir-ilir tandure wis sumilir Tak ijo royo-royo tak senggo temanten anyar" We asked to get up. Up from the downturn, up from laziness to further strengthen belief that has been instilled by Allah in us symbolized by plants which began to sprout and so verdant. It is up to us, want to stay asleep and let our faith plants die or get up and fight to cultivate these plants until large and achieve happiness like happy newlyweds

2. "Cah angon-cah angon penekno blimbing kuwi Lunyu-lunyu yo penekno kanggo mbasuh dodotiro" Here is called a shepherd, because by Allah, we have been given something to shepherd ie HEART. Can we graze our hearts from encouragement of lust is so strong? The shepherd was asked to climb a starfruit tree which incidentally jagged five. Star fruit here describe the five pillars of Islam.
ALthough the slick, although laboriously, we have to keep climbing the starfruit tree. With every effort we keep trying to run the Five Pillars of Islam in any obstacles and risks. So what is the benefit? The benefit is to wash our cloth namely cloth "taqwa".

3. "Dodotiro-dodotiro kumitir bedhah ing pinggir Dondomono jlumatono kanggo sebo mengko sore" As an ordinary human, our "taqwa" cloth of course torn and perforated everywhere. So we asked to always improve and fix it, so that one day we will be ready when summoned to the presence of Allah SWT.

4. "Mumpung padhang rembulane, mumpung jembar kalangane" We are expected to do things above when we are still healthy (denoted by bright of moon) and still have a lot of spare time.

5. "Yo surako… surak iyo…" and if someone warns, answer with yes..!

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