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Watch the firing debate with Neha Pant
Who gave India right to become judge, jury and prosecution" says Imran Khan
"If India attacks, we will retaliate. It is easy to start a war, it isn't easy to end one" says Imran Khan

"We hit the module on specific information and eliminated JeM leadership in less than 100 hours post Pulwama attack" says Army Major

Watch LIVE: Indian Army, CRPF hold press conference India has prepared a 360 degree action plan to take a revenge for the deadly Pulwama attack, which claimed the lives of 40 Indian soldiers. Senior government sources have confirmed that a“big action”will soon be taken against Pakistan. This comes after the mastermind of the horror attack -Kamran was shot dead on Monday by the security forces. A plan is being chalked out to teach Pakistan a lesson from all sides. The government has urged secret agencies and Army to make a plan and thereafter implement it. Union Minister of State for External Affairs General V K Singh on Monday said Pakistan had been “isolated” internationally after the Pulwama terror attack.

Addressing mediapersons on the Pulwama terror attack, the former Army Chief said after the attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has taken all possible diplomatic moves to completely isolate Pakistan from the international community. “More than 40 countries have issued strong statements against Pakistan. This is a big success for us as the number of countries supporting India’s stand is higher than the number of countries which had supported India after 26/11 attack in Mumbai,” he said.

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