DRUM BASICS: How to Play Beginner Drum Fills


In this drum lesson, we teach you how to play some basic drum fills that you can use in different songs and for some free styling.

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0:15 - Drum fills can be overdone in a song so there are "general" areas of a song where a fill would make sense inside of a song
1:28 - We go over how to do a 4 beat quarter note fill where we play 4 beats in 1 measure
2:27 - If you are doing a drum crash, you want to do the crash in a place that sounds good so the drum pattern flows
3:30 - In a 4 beat 8th note fill, we play 2x as many beats within the same time frame of a 4 beat measure. We count it as "1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and"
5:21 - Tip: Playing a fill should usually go at the same speed of the high hat or your tempo so that it sounds good, smooth, and not clunky
6:10 - In a 4 beat 16th fill, we play 4x as many beats during the same 4 beat measure. We count it as "1-e-and-uh-2-e-and-uh-3-e-and-uh-4-e-and-uh"
7:55 - 16th Note Fill Tip: If you keep your right hand at the same speed, you'l have 16th notes that are on time and not rushed by just FOCUSING on your right hand
10:12 - Final Review

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